Welcome to our first issue!

Vol.1, Issue 1
July 2004

Welcome to the inaugural issue of what we hope to be a monthly newsletter. We hope to bring you news about what's happening in the store as well notification of special promotions. We will also tell you about some of the new arrivals that have come into the store.

Each month we will also feature a column called, "From the Author". Here an author talks about one of their own books. First up is Dean Koontz talking about his book, "By the Light of the Moon.

We will also have a segment in every issue called "Book Club Corner" . In this feature,  you the reader get to tell everyone about a favorite book. It could be something your book club has just finished, an all time classic or a new release that has you excited. We think this will be a good way for our customers to share their likes with fellow book lovers. If you're interested, email us your review.
We hope this newsletter will be a success and will grow with future issues. Share your thoughts and ideas. We would love to hear your feedback.
Have a safe summer and good reading!

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