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Book Club Corner

This feature is dedicated to our customers. Each month one of our customers will write a review of one of their favorite book club selections, a recent favorite or an all time classic.

This month...REBECCA by Daphne Du Maurier

Rebecca is the riveting and romantic tale of a country girl, trying to fill the shoes of a deceased goddess. The story takes place at Manderley, a beautiful mansion over looking an English bay. Rebecca, an elegant mistress, has recently died and her widow, Maxim, decides to remarry. He marries the narrator of our story who is a shy, simple girl now placed in the spotlight by the well-loved deWinter reputation. She must battle the previous standards set not thinking she fits in. She discovers shocking truths and an abrupt turn of events changes everything. Du Maurier does a wonderful job of leaving surprises at every corner, and keeping suspense until the last page. The characters are charming and the events breathless. Rebecca lives up to its reputation as an all-time classic, which should be savored until the very end.

Gaelen Stanford

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